Ibero-American Fusion Fest 2023

Dominican Replubic October 2023

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Admission is Free!

Ibero-American Fusion Fest

At our upcoming event, we are celebrating the food and cultures of Ibero-American Countries. Highlighting the similarities and differences that stand together as a united community.

Join us in October of 2023 for a day filled with food, music, art, and culture. Experience multi-cultural activities that celebrate the diversity of Ibero-American cultures. Enjoy a cold one at the Beer Garden, peruse the marketplace, and come cheer us on as we attempt to establish the new Guinness World Record for The Largest Serving of Sancocho!

What is Ibero-America?

Ibero-America consists of the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries in the Americas. Starting from Mexico, going all the way to Chile, Ibero-American culture is diverse, each with its own unique flair, yet sharing similarities with neighboring countries.

Why Lawrence 2024?

A festival that highlights the multicultural communities should take place in a multicultural city. The City of Lawrence, also known as the Immigrant City, is the perfect setting. With an 80% Hispanic / Latin population and 70% of local businesses owned and operated by the Latino Community, it is an epicenter of the Latin Culture.

Flavor Fusion Fest aims to promote tourism to the area as well.  See in in Lawrence in 2024!

Our Mission

The Festival promotes equality, social inclusion and the sharing of culture, traditions, and customs, contributing to building a community that respects and celebrates multiculturalism.

Our mission is to infuse the Latin Culture through the art of Gastronomy while engaging and educating non-Latin communities about our Culture. At the same time, we support local businesses and restaurants right in the heart of the Latin Epicenter of Massachusetts.


Guinness World Record Holder!

In 2021 we took on the Mangú challenge, breaking the Guinness World Records largest serving of Mangu.

This year Flavor Fusion Fest will attempt to establish the new Guinness World Record for The Largest Serving of Sancocho.

Meet the Organizers

Two Michelin Stars

Chef María Marte

Co-Founded Gonell Enterprises

Chef Amilkar Gonell

Co-Founded Gonell Enterprises

Chef Pamela Gonell