Ibero-American Fusion Fest 2023


The Ibero-American Fusion Fest brings people together to experience the culture of multicultural Latin communities through food, music, art, and other entertainment with a focus on sustainability. 

Try local cuisine prepared by Latin-owned restaurants. Sit back and enjoy a variety of Latin music or bring your dancing shoes for some salsa. Get to know local artists at the marketplace. This day is all about the art of Gastronomy, and building a community that respects and celebrates multiculturalism.

May 27, 2023

11 AM – 10 PM

Campagnone Common – Lawrence, ma
200 Common Street, Lawrence, MA 01840

Admission is Free!

Taste Your Way Through Ibero-America

Take a deep dive into the world of Hispanic and Latin gastronomy as we create plates bursting with flavor that makes you wonder how all these flavors got into one bite!

Don't Miss these Events

Food from every Latin Culture will be represented and savored across the entire park.

  • Sancocho Challenge
  • Embassy Pavilion Food education
  • Rum Rally & Beer Garden
  • Latin owned local restaurants with booths
  • Local Farmers and artisan food makers throughout the marketplace
  • Food Trucks

Explore Ibero-American Culture

With the participation of different Latin countries, the Festival will be a place where people from all walks of life can engage and educate themselves about the Ibero-American culture — inviting the different groups and folkloric representatives of our countries will provide a show of color, music, and art. 

Support Local Artists& Businesses

Embassy pavilions across the park will provide an immersive experience of the culture of each country. Through food, art, and cultural artifacts, attendees will experience the enriching and thriving cultural differences between each country. 

Latino-owned and local businesses, including local farms, restaurants, and artisan crafts, will be displayed throughout the park, promoting local tourism and awareness, and growing the local economy.

Celebrate Latin Musical Heritage

Music and entertainment are a cornerstone of the Latin Community. Our Festival aims to promote and celebrate Latin culture through its rich and thriving musical heritage. Engaging with a wide range of performers throughout the Latin community, people from all walks of life are invited to join in this celebration, which will feature the talent of performers and composers from Latin America and beyond.


From salsa to Andean music, boleros and chacareras to Latin jazz and fusion, a wide variety of genres from around the world will be represented.

The stage will welcome all attendees to listen and enjoy. For those that want to get close to the action, we will provide a VIP area with close views of the stage and other perks for those that want to heighten the experience of the day. 

Performances starting at 12:00pm featuring:

  • Grupo Nexo
  • Domenic Marte
  • Toque Profundo
  • Emi Antonio
  • Zeo Muñoz
  • EliaCim
  • Lee Burgos
  • Japone RD
  • Crudos 2.0

Be Part of a Guinness World Records Attempt

the World's Largest Serving of Sancocho

In 2021 we took on the Mangu challenge breaking the guiness Book of World Records largest serving of Mangu.

This year Flavor Fusion Fest will attempt to establish the new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for The Largest Serving of Sancocho.

Sancocho (Dominican meat and vegetables stew) is without doubt Dominicans’ most cherished dish, with Variations Puerto Rico, Honduras, Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela.

With a clear path to sustainability, we promise that all food prepared and processed at the event will be consumed by attendees.
We will allocate 50% of the food production which will be delivered immediately to local food banks and community shelters.

Pictured: Celebration of successful Guinness World Record attempt at the world’s largest serving of Mangú, 2021.

Don't Miss These Events!


Presented by Crazy Vision Club

  • Cars: $40
  • Spectators: $10

Domino's Tournament

  • Participant: $10 (Super Borinquen)

Restaurant Week

  • $45 for 3 courses

Why Lawrence?

Located twenty-five miles north of Boston, Lawrence, and 5 miles south of the State of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, is truly a city of immigrants and industry. Known as the “Immigrant City,” Lawrence has always been a multi-ethnic and multicultural gateway city with a high percentage of foreign – born residents. 

The city is served by Interstate Routes 495 and 93 and State Route 28, which provide convenient access to all points in Massachusetts and northern New England. Commuter bus service is provided to Boston, and the Boston and Maine Railroad provides commuter rail access  the city’s heart

“The city of Lawrence welcomes the Flavor Fusion Fest team with open arms. We are thrilled they are shedding light on the Latin owned local business and educating nearby communities about the rich Latin culture, in the heart of the immigrant city.”

– Mayor Brian A. DePeña, City of Lawrence

Campagnone Common

Campagnone Common is the central park in the City of Lawrence. This 23-acre historical preservation is located across from the Town hall. The city also boasts art exhibitions at the Essex Art Center. It hosts a wide range of cultural activities like ethnic festivals celebrating Lawrence’s diversity and rich heritage.

Events are held here spring through fall, drawing large crowds from all over Massachusetts and New

During the event, the park will be filled with areas of interest

  • Performance Stage
  • Beer Garden
  • Sancocho Guinness world record event
  • Embassy Pavilions
  • Marketplace for Latin-owned and local businesses
  • Crazy Vision Auto Club Car Show

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Can't make it to the event?

Please help support our mission to infuse the Latin Culture through the art of Gastronomy while engaging and educating non-Latin communities about our culture. Please donate.